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Portman naked looked around in search of the owner of the house, but saw no one. Meanwhile, Dick told me to stand here, and he himself opened the door, behind which there was a corridor and walked along. A few minutes later Dick returned, winked at me and left without explaining anything. But almost at the same portman naked a tall, imperious man came out to me, who nodded coldly to me and asked: - Do you want to become. A slave. - Oh yes.

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He found that the girls had already portman naked the handcuffs on his wrists, fastened to a massive steel ring set into the wall. While Anton realized that he had become a prisoner, the girls sat down and, instantly pulling off his pants and panties, deftly snapped portman naked. Bracelets on his ankles, the same as on the wrists, only larger in size. The chain connecting them was passed through a second ring fixed in the floor. Now both hands and feet of Anton were chained, and he could not move away from the wall, or turn away. To bashfully hide his rearing manhood. Meanwhile, the girls turned on loud music and one of them stood in front of the prisoner in the middle of. A shapeless pile of yellowish translucent latex lying on the floor, wearing the rubber outfit of a French maid.

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