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Unhappy End. And woke up in a dark stuffy bedroom. - Camilla, Camilla, - I called her quietly. Instead of an park ra hee, the blanket moved next to me, the sleepy disheveled head of my partner appeared from under it and asked displeasedly. - So, so, what kind of Camilla.

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" She jokingly says shampoo and a washcloth are always park ra hee. In short, I brazenly threw the thongs away and took her robe and I happily think to myself, it's good that I took a shower at home three hours ago))). And is ready for anything And now she comes from the shower in this sexy dressing gown, with wet wavy hair, and I understand, or rather I dont understand, but I know that she is under the dress without panties and, accordingly, without a bra. She fits (as always) in this dressing gown tightly hugs me, smiles at me, park ra hee on the cheek and says thank you for bringing me a. Robe. Well, of course, I hugged her, too, by the shoulders, back, waist, but I decided not to lower my hands below. If you only knew what was happening in me at that moment.

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