Daily News

October 27, 2016

WARSAW — Wyoming County residents were able to talk with 27th Congressional District candidate Diana Kastenbaum at a “Meet the Candidates” event Wednesday night at the Wyoming County Democratic Committee headquarters.

The event capped a day of canvassing by county Democrats spreading the word about Kastenbaum and other local candidates.

“This gathering hopefully will get her out to speak to all the residents that maybe don’t know her as well or maybe are seeking more information about her,” said Cyntha Appleton, the Democratic Committee’s chair.

The 27th congressional district encompasses all of the GLOW region and parts of Niagara, Erie, Ontario and Monroe counties — so the event provided an opportunity for residents to not only meet Kastenbaum in person but to ask questions they might otherwise not be able.

One resident at the event asked Kastenbaum who are some people across the aisle she would work with.

“I thought that was a really good question,” Appleton said.

It’s no secret that the district Kastenbaum is vying for is heavily Republican, with Wyoming County very much included. But she doesn’t seem fazed.

“Some people would say to be it’s a deterrent,” she said adding, “It was gerrymandered (by Republicans) to be a deterrent.”

Kastenbaum said she is prepared to do things that are not being done by current congressman Chris Collins and criticized his attendance.

“I’ve been to many candidate forums and (Collins is) just not there,” Kastenbaum said. “Even in his hometown of Clarence, right down the street from him was a chamber of commerce (meeting), which is heavily Republican.

“They invited all the candidates. We all came but no Mr. Collins.”

Kastenabum also pointed to her work in manufacturing, as CEO of Pinnacle Manufacturing, as a way to connect with residents of the district.

She said that people ask her “all the time” about presidential nominee Donal Trump’s claims about bringing manufacturing jobs to America and, “my response to that is ‘what jobs has Mr. Trump brought back?’” she said. “He makes his suits and his ties in China.”

She added that her company serves customers around the GLOW region and that they “pride themselves on having their parts made in America.”

Among some of the other Democrats in local races are Judge Lynn Keane for the New York State Supreme Court 8th Judicial District as well as Suzanne Coogan and Deanna Marsh who are both vying for the two Town of Warsaw library trustee positions.

Wyoming County residents ‘meet and greet’ candidate Kastenbaum (link)