Wyoming County Free Press

August 11, 2016

Press release:

In a rally yesterday in Wilmington, N.C., Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump insinuated that “Second Amendment people,” take violent action against Hillary Clinton if they disliked her Supreme Court nomination. This remark came after Trump made claims that Clinton believes in abolishing the Second Amendment and would nominate a judge who would do so.

This isn’t the only time Trump and his supporters have advocated violence against Secretary Clinton as chants of “lock her up” pervade at all of his rallies.

“The amount of violence Mr. Trump incites seems to know no bounds,” said Diana Kastenbaum, Democratic candidate in New York’s 27th Congressional District. “Trump’s remarks were not only hateful, but insulting as he reduced gun owners to no better than murderers.

"I'm sure (Congressman) Chris Collins is waiting in the wings for his next appearance on the networks and cable today to tell us how the liberal media and Democrats have once again misconstrued Mr. Trump’s statements. However, this is no joking matter and blatant threats, such as this, should be taken seriously.”

For more information about Kastenbaum’s Congressional campaign, visit http://www.dianakastenbaum.com.

Trump's remark against Hillary Clinton is scorned by Congressional candidate Diana Kastenbaum (link)