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November 28, 2016

Preston has the endorsement of the Democratic Party and the Conservative Party. He is a local Batavia businessman with many years of experience, he is knowledgeable of city government resulting from being the chairman of the City Planning and Development Committee in addition to being a member of the City Comprehensive Plan Committee. Duane has lived his whole life in the City of Batavia, he attended Batavia High School and his children currently attend Batavia City Schools. He is proud to say he is a “life-long Batavian.”

Duane will work for all of the residents of the City of Batavia. For example he wants to reduce taxes, will fight to ensure the city continues to receive its fare share of county tax revenue, supports a strong City Police Department and a Fire Department to ensure a safe city, believes in revitalization of the City Center and Main Street, and one of the most important aspects of his leadership skills is that he believes in listening to the residents that he will represent with more “open discussion forums” to allow the youth, young adults or senior residents as well as businessmen and homeowners to ask questions, present problems or concerns directly to City Management and or City Council members.

We support Duane Preston and ask that you cast your vote to elect him.

The citizens of the 27th Congressional District now have a clear choice: you can keep the current congressman, who was the first elected representative to provide his support to a dubious endorsed Republican presidential candidate (most likely seeking a position in the Trump transitional movement if victorious). This is the same businessman who bought distressed businesses, and promised the employees a new beginning, but behind the scenes was negotiating with China to sell or relocate the manufacturing operations putting hundreds out of work. But now he touts his support for Trump and the building of a wall to keep out illegal immigration. I ask you, does he represent the many farmers that use immigrants to work their farms? I don’t think so.

Your clear choice for a new 27th Congressional Representative is to vote for Diana Kastenbaum. Don’t stay home because you’re embarrassed with your current representative, don’t waste your vote, send a clear message to Washington with a new direction, someone who will combat income inequality; someone who supports actions to grow our economy and has actual business experience; someone that knows and understands the need for infrastructure investment (and the jobs that it will bring to our local communities); someone like Kastenbaum who publicly supports and will protect Medicare and Social Security; someone like Kastenbaum who appreciates her local roots in Western New York. Diana Kastenbaum will represent all of us, not just a few wealthy friends!

The Democrats of Genesee County urge all voters to cast their vote for one of our own, Diana Kastenbaum for Congress.

William Fava

Chairman of the City of Batavia Democratic Committee

Support for Preston and Kastenbaum (link)