August 3, 2016

Diana Kastenbaum, the Democratic congressional Candidate for NY-27, marched with CWA Local 1133 (Communications Workers of America) in solidarity with union workers at Mercy Hospital in Buffalo. The issue at hand is that Mercy Hospital is short staffing by not providing enough nurses to care for their patients. Catholic Health has cut corners with patient safety while their executives have reaped benefits. Experienced nurses and health care workers cannot be retained as they are not paid on par with their counterparts at other hospitals. Local 1133 have voted 96% to strike. Kastenbaum says, “One thing we all expect from our hospitals is good care. Catholic Health needs to renew fair and equitable contracts with the people who are on the front lines administering experienced and excellent care for all who enter through the doors of these hospitals.”

Kastenbaum marches in rally with CWA Local 1133 (link)