As a local businesswoman who created jobs, Diana knows how to grow the economy and put people back to work. She understands that we have to stay focused on job creation, support for our small businesses, and investments in the future. Diana has made creating jobs for New York families her number one priority, and she will fight hard in Congress to ensure that all New Yorkers have the opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

Diana understands that small businesses are the job-creating engine of our economy. She will fight to make sure small business owners have the resources they need to increase hiring and pay their employees a living wage. Diana also believes that smart investments in education, job training programs, infrastructure, scientific research, and American manufacturing are the keys to spurring economic growth.

The income gap between the wealthy and the average American has grown far too large. While Americans are working harder and more efficiently than ever, the benefits of this work have gone to those few at the top of the economic ladder. Diana will work hard to increase wages for working Americans, and will fight her hardest for tax equality, so a policeman or a teacher doesn’t pay more in taxes than hedge-fund billionaires.